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Saturday, July 30, 2011

Libraries and Interior Design

This print, Flight, is currently on offer at the Dwight Library Silent Auction, running for one more week to August 6th.

We're told it is already attracting a LOT of attention.

No big surprise -- this was one of two prints that our guests purchased last summer to hang in their house in East Amherst, New York.

This year, they are having a professional Interior Designer 're-do' the entire house.  He came wafting through, doing the "sort" :  you know, the bit where the furniture and pictures are either kept or tossed in accordance with the new design.

Julie tells us that stuff was being rejected right, left and centre, until he came upon the two framed Napster prints.  "Those!" he exclaimed.  "Those are fabulous!  The frames are all wrong, of course, they need to be double matted, BIG frames, but those are some of the best contemporary art we've seen in a long time, and THOSE are going to be the focal point of the new living room"  He then asked who had painted them...

Well, when he stopped laughing, he reiterated that these two pictures MUST stay, to be a major focus of the new contemporary modern design.  Re-framed, but of course. Julie says she prefers not to think what the framing costs will run to...

There could be a whole lot of framing going on.  Julie picked up 6 more Napster prints to add to her collection. 

He is expecting a call, soon, from the house of design in New York, where the designer obviously recognizes a good thing when he sees it.

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