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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Wind in the Garden

While we have been busy putting our gardens to bed, ready for winter, we realized we had not posted one of Napster's more recent works, Wind in the Garden.
He painted this after sitting on the couch with his good friend Susan, who had just won several awards for her Holland Landing garden. It was a breezy day, and I think the two of them were discussing horticulture...
Sue mixed up a palette for him, and Napster 'whipped' up this impression of the wind blowing the flowers... It has been quite popular. One of his young fans, Brooke, simply would not leave Bondi until she had a copy of this in her hands!
Like all Napster's work, it can be turned to change the view, and there are many images to be found in this colourful, cheerful impression!

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