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Sunday, November 7, 2010

Another International Sale

Chris was here last week, and having admired Napster's portfolio, and had a few words with the famous artist sitting on the chair beside him, he purchased one of Napster's 8X10 prints to send as a gift to his sister.

She owns a hotel in Grenada, and Chris thinks this cheerful interpretation of a dancer all decked out in her bright feathery costume at Carnivale would be just perfect on the wall there!

We couldn't agree more. It is the first of Napster's pieces to sell into the tropical islands of the Caribbean! He's excited.
He likes to maintain a bird-like theme in many of his pictures, and when we look at this photo of an actual Caribbean carnival dancer, with so many feathers she could be a Phoenix rising, we can certainly see where he found his inspiration!


  1. If Napster keeps this up he's going to be on tasteful walls all over the globe! Good going Napster!

  2. I love the intro to 'Napster's Tale'. Makes me think of the muddy road from Dorset to Bobcaygeon traveled by men-with-many-planks in cars, back in the day. I bet one of Napster's very distant relatives hitched a ride to Bobcaygeon on one of those muddy trips and he has now found his roots.