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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Yes, Minister...

Napster is delighted to report that the print he donated to ME TO WE, at Dwight last weekend, was purchased by the Right Honourable Minister of Industry, Tony Clement.

This opens up such huge horizons... there's no limit, really, to where his artwork can now go.
Pity Tony didn't know about his artwork BEFORE the G8... after all, it was our guests at Bondi during the G8 that first bought out all his cards, and inspired him to launch his career.
So, if we can help you out with your Christmas shopping, Mr. Clement, just give us a call... We'll be happy to bring the Cat's portfolio in to your Huntsville office. Or, if you prefer, drop by, and meet Napster in person. Perhaps paint with with him...
You'd be in great company.

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